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One of the very basic constituents of a successful democracy is a rational and responsible media, which is also the key to keeping the democratic structure in its rightful place. The scope of accountability of a democratic set up towards its people is determined by the freedom given to the press and inversely, on what the press does with it.

Today, Indian media is festering with challenges on many levels, most of which are obviously intertwined with the issues facing media internationally. The slow and general demise of a responsible and ethical media can easily be perceived, especially with the growth of such trends as paid-news, advertorials, private treatise etc. Media is therefore rendered incapable of being responsible towards the last person standing in the continuum of the democratic structure.

In such times, the onus of restoring the media to its rightful task depends directly on those connected with it.

‘Sabhaar Media Foundation’ is one such effort towards that. The compelling need of the hour is for the various media institutions and others independently associated with it to tide over these challenges in order to reinvent a responsible, accountable, ‘alternative’ media scenario.

'Sabhaar Media Foundation' aims to work in the field of communication towards the realization of this goal using various tools of Publication,  Visual, Web Media, Digital Radio, Community Radio, Media Educations and Organizing Workshops and Seminars.

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